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If you're new to off grid or dry camping, we can help you out! Being prepared for dry camping is very important; it might take a little extra prep for off grid camping but it’s worth it! You will get a wider range of locations and the ability to really unplug...
Here are a few tips for the newbie’s out there!

  1. Solar is a life saver or better yet battery saver AND if you're looking for a more affordable solar set up, check out our Suitcase solar panels, they are portable and you can actually move them around to get optimal sun exposure.
  1. A generator can be your best friend when in the back woods! A generator is a necessity!
  1. Bring ample amounts of water and learn how to conserve it! Don't leave water running while doing dishes or brushing your teeth. Know the capacity of your fresh, grey and black tanks before you leave. Bring extra water jugs.
  1. Conserve your electricity! Your appliances like microwaves and air conditioners don't run on battery power BUT your fridge, water pump and lights do. Make sure to turn off the lights when you're not using them.
  1. Keep your food secure, and watch your pets, both pets and food are bear attractants!
  1. This one may be the most important tip of all, pack out what you pack in, keep our PLUZ's clean so we can continue to use them.

We suggest you start by camping without hook ups for just a weekend trial run. Watch your tank levels, your battery levels and learn to conserve, water and electricity. Get into saving habits!

Here's a link for some Public Land Use Zones

Public Land Use Zones

Happy Camping!